The Week #141

  • All around good guy Japanese astronaut andΒ  Koichi Wakata returned from a visit to the ISS. He's now (or maybe even was prior to this as well?) the Japanese person with the most time in space. Top story of the morning news was that he was coming back...but the evening news didn't seem to cover that he made it back safely? That seems like like it would still warrant top story in the evening...or at least a mention somewhere in the top 10? Nada.
  • When we visited New York in 2016, we saw Matilda at the Shubert Theatre. Since then, I wanted to watch it one more time. On the train this week I saw adverts for Matilda...odd...and it turns out they performing it as well! In Tokyo it seems to only be for a couple of months. We bought tickets for early April.

    I've shown Leo both the English version of "Naughty" and the Japanese version. He loves them. Both songs are great and an anthem to live by: If something's not right, sometimes you gotta put it right.
  • In employer related news this week, Octopus Energy announced €1 Billion Investment in French Green Energy Market and New European Tech Hub in Paris. Nothing to do with me, but I do love working for a company that's driving actual change in the energy system. Something's not right (burning dinosaur juice causing climate change) and we're trying to put it right (electrify all the things with wind, solar, and storage).
  • On Sunday we had a small birthday celebration for baaba and my nephew who's birthdays are both in March. We got to re-use some of the Mario themed birthday goods we brought back from America, which was a hit with the kids.
  • MyΒ  back / leg are almost back to normal. I reckon another visit or two and I'll be as good as new. You really don't appreciate not hurting with most steps until you've been having a slight pain with every step for a month.