Slow is not a dirty word

When someone says the word โ€œSlowโ€, what comes to mind? People driving 10 miles per hour below the speed limit for no discernible reason? Snails sliming their way across the street? Business?

Probably not business. Business is supposed to be quick. Weโ€™re supposed to have gotten to market yesterday, rush around, be busy, work overtime, and grow forever.

Weโ€™re constantly looking for things quicker. We lay miles upon miles of fiber optic cable to get a measly 1ms faster transfer rate. We want our photos developed in an hour or less. We only have 7 minutes to work out, 4 minutes for a video, 2 minutes to cook noodles, and and 3 seconds for a sound-bite.

We bombard ourselves with pings from everything under the sun so we never miss an instant and weโ€™re always on. For what?

Whatโ€™s the purpose of all of this? Usually we hear something about demanding customers and better service, but usually itโ€™s โ€˜shareholder valueโ€™. We focus on the short-term and neglect the long-term.

But is this the only way businesses are supposed to be run? Should we just accept it as the one true way? Does achieving all of this make us a success?

No, it doesnโ€™t. This fast-paced always-on life style blends our home-life and our work-life together. We can no longer leave the office and are always just a text or phone call away. This makes sense for mission critical launches or in times of crisis, but it has become the norm.

Thereโ€™s an alternative. Itโ€™s called Slow.

  • Slow is recognizing that we work to live, not live to work and creating a culture that embraces this.

  • Slow is growing at a considered and deliberate pace.

  • Slow is building a business that respects its customers, employees, and community.

  • Slow is quality craftsmanship and livable wages.

  • Slow is long-term thinking and continuous improvement.

  • Slow is sustainable and responsible.

  • Slow is waiting for a well articulated response.

  • Slow is cooking a healthy meal rather than going through the drive-thru.

  • Slow is enjoying a sunrise and not tweeting about it.

  • Slow is enjoying a moment for the moment that it is without needing to documenting it.

The best things in life: lovers, friends, wineโ€Šโ€”โ€Šdo not come in an instant, an hour, or even a year. They come over time. Slowly.

What can you Slow Down today?