One of the things I think about a lot lately is the amount of animal products I consume. Not just meat, but milk, yogurt, and cheese as well. And I've been working on reducing it when I can.

Doing so makes me feel better mentally. Not just from the "no animals were harmed in the making of this lunch" perspective, but that there's just less to think about. Did I cook the meat enough? Have I accidentally cross-contaminated my meat and veg? And so forth.

When visiting Waterstones in the UK, there was a book that caught my eye and I read a bit, but ultimately didn't buy called This is Vegan Propaganda. As I finished the climate change book, I decided to buy it as I kept thinking about it. Thus far it's been a good read.

The only downside is it's made me a bit uncomfortable when I ride by the chicken farm not too far from my house. I find myself questioning the well being of the chickens, while before I just thought about fresh eggs.

While I don't intend to become vegan (neigh impossible in Japan, unless you cook all of your own meals), I am curious.