The Week #33

  • Covid numbers are down to numbers we haven't seen since November. The vaccine is approved and they've started inoculating people. The weather's warming up and early bloomer cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. I'm optimistic.

  • Meanwhile in Texas, it's been the exact opposite with a huge cold front (thanks climate change!) and a deregulated energy industry decided to not invest in weatherizing their natural gas and coal plant despite regulators saying they should caused people to lose power/heat for days in freezing temperatures. Then the (republican) leadership goes and tries to blame the entire thing on the wind and solar farms in west Texas, when those were unaffected by the cold. Never elect a man to office who says government doesn't work, because they might win and prove it. Thankfully my family made it through unscathed (though hopefully they didn't get a $16,000 electricity bill like some did)

  • I used to listen to a lot of Japanese music when I was younger. These days, not really. Mostly electronic/punk when I'm working and Josh Rouse when I'm not. Lucky Old Sun is a new (to me) Japanese group I found lately. You should give it a listen. I like the last track on this EP a lot, but they're all good.

  • I went to Chigasaki Sagtoyama Park on my four day weekend. It was my second visit. There's this large slide that's above the trees and goes downhill with rollers on it. I usually ride down with Leo in my lap because he wants to ride it, but it's a bit scary for him. As it was a regular work-day and I took the day off the park was fairly empty. So I went down by myself. Take a ride down the best slide in the world.

At the bottom of the hill/slide there's a couple of big white bouncy mounds that the children like to jump and play on. There was an older (double (half)) kid who looked similar to Leo. Which Leo noticed and kept on copying what he was doing when jumping. It was too cute.