The Week #205

  • πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Guilty on all 34 charges. Unanimously. We'll see what sentencing actually brings, but justice seems to be working. Curious how the 3 other trials go. Completely unrelated, can felons vote in Florida?Β 
  • 🚲 Leo and I rode bikes to the local Ito Yokado. He did good – though I need to work with him more on traffic safety. I can keep him on the left side of the road most of the time, but when he turns right, he kept on trying to hug the corner...which is a good way to getΒ  hit by an oncoming car.

    Besides making a trip to the big-box we've also been going around the neighborhood to the bench 7-11 and local co-op.
  • 🍣 A couple of co-workers of mine and leaving Japan and moving to Europe (😭). We had a going away party at an Izakaya near our old office in Ningyocho and (part of me misses the lack of polish compared with roppongi...sometimes). We had sukiyaki and other nibbles. The finale though class. Heaps of the shop's specialty came out, a maki-zushi that instead of fish had green plant in it. We all konpai'd with it and that plant was WASABI. Soo good. Safe journeys and I'll see y'all in Paris (πŸ‘€).
  • πŸ₯– The other week my father-in-law gave me about 15 onions. If I had known he was going to give me onions, I wouldn't have bought 4 the day prior. So I'm on the lookout recipies that use heaps of onions (and despite the name, onion soup doesn't use that many onions). I also realized I had some fresh thyme that was starting to dry out a bit.

    Trying to avoid waste I did something I've never done before. I thinly slice half an onion browned them with said thyme diced up and a splash of balsamic vinegar...and mixed that in with some pizza dough (shaped as bread) and it was amazing. As toast or sandwiches to savory is off the charts. Definitely doing it again.
  • πŸ“£ On Monday morning the Earthquake alarm went off... which is weird as I turned those things off. So it went off, but the quake never came for us in Kanagawa. It was a strong 5 at the Noto peninsula (where the large one occurred on January 1st. No point in this bullet point, other than it happened.
  • @jamesvandyne I didn't think you could turn the earthquake alerts off. I assumed they were a government safety requirement.