🏔Tanzawa is Public 🎉

Over the past few months I've been talking about the release of Tanzawa. And over these few months I keep on building up what the first release needs to be in my head. It must: 

  • not have any bugs
  • be easy to use
  • have proper documentation for getting started

and so on and so forth. I keep on finding new things to add or fix that are "must haves" and so I keep on finding reasons to delay the release. And it's slowly been adding a bit of self-induced stress.

No more.

Tanzawa is now open source. It lives on GitHub at jamesvandyne/tanzawa. It has bugs. It has a bunch of edges rough enough to cut you. It has zero documentation for how to install and use it.

But I'll address them overtime. And eventually, someday,  it will reach my vision of being a simple and sustainable  home on the web.

If you need help or have questions or want to lend a hand: reply here, ping me on twitter @jamesvandyne, or open an issue.

Tanzawa is public
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  • 🏔Tanzawa is Public 🎉 jamesvandyne.com/2c31e96a-fae8-…

  • 🏔Tanzawa is Public 🎉 jamesvandyne.com/2c31e96a-fae8-…

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  • 🏔Tanzawa is Public 🎉 jamesvandyne.com/2c31e96a-fae8-…

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    Two months ago I started implementing IndieWeb principles on my website. I use started because it has been a long process of tinkering with different tools and learning to use technologies I never expected to be using. Naturally, the progress has been slow as I’m often running into problems beyond my skillset. However, by reaching out to other community members I’ve been able to slowly setup things kind of the way I want. Because it’s true that on the IndieWeb everyone assumes you’re a developer, but most people are nice enough to open source their code and even go the extra mile helping with one’s particular use cases. This website’s original goal was for me to have an online presence that was fully controlled by me, but thanks to the IndieWeb it’s turning into my single Internet channel. And how can it not progress in that direction when there’s many inspiring websites on the IndieWebring alone? What started as moving my content back to Jekyll from Tumblr, resulted in personal website that implemented micr…