The Week #96

  • We finally went to Tokyo Disneyland after we had to cancel our initial trip because of catching covid. This was the first trip I've taken since I built Tanzawa and was able to field test Trips in realtime and chronicle my Tokyo Disneyland Trip.Β  It worked quite well.

    Checkins with Swarm came in nicely. I had to manually associate the posts with the Trip afterwards, so going forward I want to add a "trip mode" which will automatically associate all micropub posts with a trip if it's active (GitHub issue). I still need to add the Twitter syndication links for the tweets that Swarm sent, but it's a pain.

    Long-term, I think I want to build checkins in to Tanzawa itself and syndicate them to Swarm/Twitter. Maybe it's about time I start thinking more about #84, Syndicate natively to Twitter & Mastodon. It fits in more with the POSSE philosophy, too.Β 
  • I went for coffee (and then a brew) with a friend who I hadn't seen since after the first wave in subsided in 2020. We agreed to meet at 16:30 at Kanai station. By about 16:50, he was nowhere to be seen...which is out of character for him and I was starting to get a bit annoyed, so I called him up to see where he was and he was also at Kanai station...JR. I was at the subway gates. All annoyance disappeared in an instant because of this simple mixup.

    It was really good to have a chat about life and the world. Slowly, it feels like things are returning to something that resembles the before times.
  • We bought a small (by American standards) Lotus Grill XL BBQ. I've been thinking about getting a grill for years, but never did because I worried about smoke. We used this one about a month ago at a neighbor's house and it is, indeed, "smokeless". It does this by completely covering the coals, preventing fat / oil from landing on them. Really looking forward to using it in the next couple of days.
  • It appears I'll be in London from the middle of this month for 2-weeks on a trip for work. Super exciting, but also makes me little low-key anxious. Mostly as a) I've never been to the UK before and b) first trip since/during the pandemic, and c) haven't left Japan in 5.5 years.

    Not entirely sure of my exact schedule yet, but if you're in London and want to grab a coffee to chat Python/IndieWeb email me.