I first discovered Anthony Bourdain after graduated college when I first started work and living in Japan. I'd watch No Reservations in a tiny 1K apartment in Yokohama, not far from where I live now. His words, spoken on screen or in print, always left an impact. They encouraged me to explore the world around me.

Here was a man who got it. Be a traveler, not a tourist.

Each episode a new adventure. Each episode a reminder to be curious. He was – he is, a hero of mine.

Watching Roadrunner, you see a fuller picture of the man. His struggles, his pain, and the pain he caused others. You get a glimpse at happy moments, too. Tony being just a regular human. Having never met him, it sounds odd saying this, but you also get a sense of closure. His death makes more sense.

I highly recommend this film to any fan of Bourdain's.