The Week #75

  • There must've been 3 or 4 earthquakes last week. I was jamming to The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and, right as my train was about to pull up, I thought I felt something. Then a few seconds later the metal roof covering the platform started to creak and groan. Yikes. All was fine. Hope the big one doesn't hit anytime soon, but glad we anchored the fridge.
  • Speaking of the Beatles, Leo's really liking them. When I put on I'm Looking Through You on Rubber Soul reaction was immediate and he said "this song is good" (in Japanese).
  • Leo's begun to take more interest in the small bicycle he's borrowing from his cousin. He can keep his balance easily on his little pedal-less bike and this week we started practicing pedaling more. He's starting to get the hang of it and I was able to let go for about half a second. Going to see if I can double / triple that over the next week.
  • With super-low numbers of covid (average 101 nation wide / day and less than 1 death average) Japan feels like it's returning to the before times. This may be short lived with the new variant, but for now I'm trying to enjoy it.
  • Mentions from seem to be working again (from other people). I didn't change anything, so it must've been a bug on their end not sending them. Either way, glad to see them going through again.
  • I think we've decided to hold off on getting a solar system on the roof for the time being. We'd be able to fit at most only 2.6Kwh on our roof, not the almost 4Kwh from our initial discussions. With a system that small we could augment our electricity usage, but there's no way we'd be able to generate what we use, let alone fill up a battery for nighttime usage. And with the FIT down to Β₯17 /Kwh, the hope of making money on excess seems unlikely.

    Where it does makes sense to me still is that the cost of electricity is likely to continue going up. Having some panels would take the sting off during the day and having a battery would let me "fill up" when the electricity is cheap overnight.