Response to Edit reply bookmark titles by jamesvandyne 路 Pull Request #265 路 jamesvandyne/tanzawa

This PR started as an experiment with HTMX to allow Tanzawa to edit reply/bookmark titles. As all of the entry creation forms/views are inherited from similar base-classes for easy/speed of initial...
I've re-worked all of the create/update views for each post type to use application functions and added functional tests. Editing the url/title for reply posts, works really well. HTMX is allowing me to create the simple interactions I want without Javascript.

The biggest change is reply data is no longer updated all at once with the rest of the post, but rather when you finish editing the title/url, similar to how editing a GitHub PR title works.

The last bit that I think needs some more work, unrelated to the rest main objective of his issue, is the first step when creating a reply where I request the URL to, and it uses Turbo to fetch the meta-data / return a page that can create a reply.

This flow may need a bit more yak shaving so it doesn't use Turbo at all. Will give it a fiddle to see if I can refactor and simplify the flow using HTMX.