The Week #114

  • The variety of places we can eat / order from with Leo is slowly increasing. He's been on a curry kick as of late, which is great as we can get veg into him easily, but we also took this chance to grab some Indian takeaway. He ate up the butter-chicken curry. I was hoping to have him try some of my mixed vegetable curry, but they only heard "mixed" when taking our order and gave me the mixed seafood curry.
  • We had a company BBQ at Kasai Rinkai Park in Tokyo. The park is one stop from Disneyland (which you can see from the top of the Ferris wheel). I took Leo with me to meet my "work friends" and he was super excited. The setup is quite nice – basically if you have a reservation, you just need to show up. They have all of the BBQs, give you the charcoal, fire starters, tongs and food to grill. You just need to start the fire and grill. We let one of the Australians on the team man the barbie – it's in their blood. (yes, there were some huge shrimp included and no, I didn't ask him to "put another shrimp on the barbie", but mostly as I didn't think to do that until just time).
  • I went out for a couple of rides along Sakai-gawa and I'm really enjoying it. It's a bit easier now as it's cooled off a bit from the summer highs. While I enjoy riding along the river (nice scenery, no cars) it does make me wish I could incorporate more longer-ish riding into daily life. The usual way people do that is to commute by bike, but that's not feasible as the office is 50km / 3 hour ride away. I guess what I'm getting at is that it would be nice to have a destination, other than just out and back.