The Week #127

  • I migrated my blog from a digital ocean droplet to No longer having a background thread running about remembering to do server maintenance and so forth is great. My site is also loading a lot quicker than it was before – how much of that is vs the server is now in Narita, Japan instead of Germany...I'm not sure. Either way, happy days.
  • And for some more inspiration from Simon Willison I started experimenting with using Github Issues as lab notebook. The base idea is to collect all ideas / findings as I work on a particular issue on the issue as comments and so forth.

    My tweak is, I want to use to post the issue and backfeed my own (or others) comments on them to my own website. Other people's comments should work already, but not your own comments (yet). So I'll either need to write the integration or create an alter ego for posting my comments. Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde could be fun.

    All of these posts will be in the new Tanzawa stream.
  • Leo rode his bike to a friend's house, but the friend wasn't outside, so we continued on to the park for a bit. On the ride back we heard the infamous calling of the yakimo truck. I think of it like hearing the sound of the ice cream man driving around the neighborhood when you're a kid, but for fresh roasted sweet potatoes. He's literally roasting them while he drives around in his truck. A bit of autumn / winter goodness.

    Leo's recently taken to eating sweet potatoes. As we passed him he said they smelled good, so we turned around and bought a couple from him. And they were really good. The insides were starting to caramelize... I'm looking forward to hearing that siren song again.