The Week #123

  • Twitter seems like it's being driven into the ground. The good news is that the people I follow there are starting to (or already were and I've just noticed) using Mastodon. I've made an effort to to start filling out my profile. You can follow at Thus far I'm really liking it. It feels like the internet before it all became siloed into 3 websites Twitter/Insta/FB.
  • I added graphs to Sunbottle. Right now I can see today's generation vs yesterday's generation, which is fun to compare. I've thought about maybe adding my battery storage levels, or buying / selling kWh, but going to keep it simple for now. Getting a Django project up on makes me want to try and get my blog/Tanzawa on there as well, so I can stop running my own server.
  • Thursday was Culture Day. In the spirit of the holiday, Leo said he wanted to visit Ikea. So we went and celebrated Swedish culture and ate meat plantballs. We picked up a couple of those 3-teir carts to help organize the washroom and to keep from piling stuff on the dining table (we can pile it in the cart instead! 🀣)
  • I'd been wanting to visit Kua'aina for a week or so, but I didn't tell anybody. It's been a while and their burgers are really good. Sunday, Leo woke up and said he wanted to visit the Aquarium with me. Whenever we visit the aquarium, we always visit Kua'aina. Two birds with one stone! Great minds think alike! All the phrases!

    After the aquarium / lunch, we went for a walk on the beach and Leo played a bit in the water. It really is fun to just go and hangout with him. It's gotten a lot easier as he's gotten older, too because we can chat / he uses to toilet / mostly feeds himself. I know I'll miss these days when he's older/busier, so for now I'm just trying to soak it all up.
    Autumn beach days