The Week #119

  • This week was Leo's "play day" (what they call undoukai/field day in pre-school). This year I had to help set things up a bit as a "dad volunteer", but truth be told, we didn't do much, we just help hang the banners that spread across the field.

    When Leo woke up that day he told Mom that he's going to do his best. And when he didn't win, he looked to us and said "I did my best!", with a look of confidence on his face. During the x meter dash he didn't get discouraged and walk halfway through like last year. Instead, he just look ahead and ran. The dance that his class performed was also really good and he nailed it.

    The tug of war was a nail biter as his class was at a natural disadvantage because they ere down a man. Each of the 4 teams got two rounds. His class lost the first round. After a long struggle in the second round, it looked like they were going to loose the second round too, but then they got a second wind and tugged their way to victory and 3rd place over-all.

    Being down a man also affected the relay (oldest class only) because the kid that was out was in the top grade, so another kid in had to run twices. Their teacher picked the kid in soccer club who is really fast and they came out on top!

    Another week and I am privileged to say I'm super proud of Leo and his effort on sports day – even if he didn't win, he did his best and had a positive attitude throughout.
  • James made a release of indieweb-utils v0.3.1. I helped do some code review for it and rearranged the docs a bit. Hats off to James on his hard work on the project!
  • We're releasing a thing at work next week, so I started playing with it a bit as an excuse to fiddle with Rich, a python library for "rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal", as I've been meaning to for a while.

    I like the library a lot so far. I need to fiddle more so I can figure out how to make it interactive, if it's possible. Like ncurses, but less 90's. So what did I make? I made a little program that, when given a date range will fetch your usage and do some calculations.
    September usage

    This is all in python, so I think it might be fun to integrate into my blog somehow. Maybe a chart of monthly electric usage? Or my daily usage (for the previous day) an arrow indicating if it was up, down, or the same? What do you think?