Figured Out Music Pausing When Running with my Apple Watch

I’ve been trying to debug an issue when my Apple Watch where Β announcements from Siri cause Overcast to pause. The only way to resume it is to go back into Overcast and hit play.

Before my most recent run, I synced some music on to my watch and the experience with Runkeeper was much smoother. As expected, when pace/time announcements start the music fades to half-level then fades up to the regular level when siri finishes as expected. So it seems like the music pausing may be a bug in Overcast’s handling of siri announcements or Music having access to some APIs that regular devs don’t.

On second thought, most podcasts are spoken word and listening to Siri and your half-leveled podcast simultaneously would be a poor experience, so it’s makes sense that it pauses playback when Siri starts. However, it would be nice if it resumed when Siri finished.