The Week #40

  • For the past month I've been thinking about getting a bike. I wanted something with that wasn't a cruiser like our electric assist mama-chari. Something a bit more sporty but not a road bike...a cross bike. I found a nice blue and white Giant Escape for Β₯35,000 (about $350) at a local used goods shop in Totsuka. It already had fenders on it too, as an added bonus.

  • Since the weather's been so nice (it is spring) we took our bikes for a long ride along Sakaigawa with our goal being Iida-farm. We took the scenic route, which was a bit longer at 12km. Iida-farm is a small dairy farm with an attached gelato shop that's popular with cyclists along Sakaigawa. Me and Leo shared a milk gelato and it was great.

  • My dad got his second shot of Pfizer and Japan has just started vaccinating the elderly. With a 4th wave apparently starting, I really wish they'd pick up the pace.

  • I haven't had as much time (or energy) for working on Tanzawa this past week. Part of it is I'm using/saving my energy for work as we're approaching a deadline. The other part of it is writing the Wordpress import code just isn't fun. I've got the import code written and working, I just need to run it through my posts to discover the edge cases I'm not handling and handle them. I think I'm fine leaving a proper polished UI for another day.

  • Jeff analyzed all the Airbot data for 2020 and submitted a PR to adjust the values so it tweets for the top 0.5% threshold. It already appears to be tweeting more! Certainly more than it has the past month (TCEQ blocked our scraper's ip address again – a simple snapshop and restore of the server on a new droplet and we're back in business).