Remember how places like LiveJournal used to have "post flair"? They were effectively different emojis for your moodย  or the weather. I think there were even some music integrations so show the song you're listening to...I think I need that on my blog.ย  Weather could be done free with OpenWeatherMap/weather-icons. Music might be trickier...
  • Hehe! Iโ€™m storing weather info for a great deal of my postsโ€”no icons, yetโ€”and have a โ€œcurrently listeningโ€ sort of widget. (Itโ€™s just I never really listen to much anymore.) For the weather thing, I drew inspiration from the Simple Location plugin for WordPress. The music widget is just me polling my scrobble endpoint (also on my site, but I imagine you could use just as well).