The Week #126

  • A week off of Twitter and I find I don't really miss it. There's also been a number of really good blog posts and videos about this current moment in social media / internet space and time. The one that I'm finding that resonates the most with me is PSA: Do Not Use Services That Hate The Internet.
  • I got Tanzawa running, or at least 500ing on on This time next week, I should hopefully have my blog off of my own server and on to, hopefully with some instructions for how you can do the same as well.Β 

    This is one task that's been eating at me for a while. There's been some features that I've wanted that would require background tasks and or cron jobs. Processing tasks/cronjobs in my current setup would require me to add more processes to the server and is a non-starter, so I've been at an impasse. I'm using uWSGI to run Tanzawa on Fly, like I do with Sunbottle, which solves the background task issue as well. I'm excited about working on Tanzawa again.Β 
  • We've been going to the park near our house more on the weekends. Leo has gotten good enough at riding his bike that he can go down the hills using his brakes. For the uphill portion of the journey, I usually push him on the back to give him a boost. This weekend we practiced going up the hill while standing and pedaling, which got him further than he usually does. I really enjoy watching him just cruse around the park on his bike from area to area – it's almost like an extension of his being.
  • While at the park, the firemen from the fire station across the street invited us over and let the kids sit inside the fire engine (both the full size and the small kei-version). The fire station also got delivery of a new ambulance (set to replace the current one), but we couldn't see inside that one, not even they've been in it yet.
  • Last night around story time, rather than laying down in his spot to listen to stories, Leo was trying to avoid going to sleep so he laid on me and told me to read to him there. Of course that's not going to happen because we both can't see the book at the same time. I told him lights out (no story) unless he lays in his spot. He didn't move, so I turned off the lights and he did something he hasn't done since he was a newborn: he fell asleep laying on my chest πŸ₯°. Back in those days he was much smaller and couldn't even cover my torso. Now, he's well past my knees. I let him lay there for a while before moving him over so I could relive the "old" days and think happy thoughts.