The Week #167

  • We moved offices from Ningyocho to Roppongi. The new office is great – better location, fantastic views from every side, plenty of areas to meet, large kitchen with better coffee. But I'll also miss the old office because it's an end of an era for us in Japan...we're past the startup phase and running full speed ahead. Pour one out for Ningyocho. I'm looking forward to many years in Ark Hills Towers South.
    The Kitchen

    Kraken's side of the office

    Presentation area and Kraken Flex area

    Tokyo Tower from the office
  • I watched this video on Akiya, or abandoned houses in Japan. You've probably read about Akiya before, those "free" houses in Japan. If you have the patience or skills to renovate them, you can get some stunning results for not a whole lot of money. I really like that guys backyard in Ibaraki...though perhaps on second thought, I just like the idea of BBQing without a second thought of my neighbors laundry.
  • Β I'm amazed at the amount of paperwork and things we need to maintain for Leo's school. In addition to all his lunch box, cup, and utensils we also need to maintain multiple (homemade) cloth bags / containers for each (incase we can't wash them everyday). Even keeping all of this folded and put away on a shelf in baskets, it still looks like a bunch of clutter.Β 

    We took the Sakura for a spin to Ikea to pickup some cabinets. We decided on a couple of Eket cabinets to store his school stuff, as well as lot of other items to reduce the sense of clutter in the house. Building the Eket was a challenge and my tip is, should you ever find yourself putting one together, use a hammer with a thick towel to smack it into place if you need to.
  • The trip to Ikea was my first time riding the highway with the Sakura. It was a breeze – the instant torque from the EV motor makes merging a non-issue. I also like that since we've got a smaller car, the tolls are less as well.