The Week #117

  • I changed the top page of my site from being a list of posts to being a more "curated" view. With just the latest 3 statuses being shown (and no next button to easily view older ones), they feel less permanent/easier to write. I've still got a few "widgets" I'd like to add to the front page before it's "complete", but that's requisite on getting the data into my site first.
  • Japan announced it's going to opening up to tourist and visa-waver travel again from October 11th, provided you have either 3 shots or a negative post prior to boarding. After 2.5 years closed, I imagine it's going to be quite the cluster at the airport as they re-learn how to deal with actual volume again. I'm also curious how things are going to go when people who are used to mask free life come, en masse, to largely still-masking-at-least-in-the-shops-trains Japan. Clash of the cultures?
  • We had a public holiday on Friday to celebrate the first day of autumn. We met with some longtime friends for lunch at their house, which was a nice change of pace. We hadn't seen this set of friends in about a year. Because we're usually the ones doing the hosting of social events, it's nice not to have to get the house looking presentable just to have it messed up a couple hours later.
  • Leo took a test at swimming. Before he went he told us "I have something important to say" and he took my wife to his room where he said "I'm gonna do my best on the test later". For his test he had to push off from the edge and glide for 3 meters while keeping his head underwater for 5 seconds. He passed with flying colors. What's more is, after the test, he received a special recognition from Y.M.C.A. for embodying their core values: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. This wasn't an "everybody gets a medal" situation either, only one person class could receive it. I'm really proud of him.
  • @jamesvandyne Congratulations! Swimming is great, and being so responsible deserves the recognition πŸŽ‰

  • Congrats to Leo! What a terrific achievement :)

  • @maique Yeah, it is and should be. We’ve got the award(?) in a little frame with his patches he gets as he passes each test on display in the house πŸ˜€.