Response to Why self hosting is important

Self hosting is about freedom, you can choose what server you want to run, which version, which features and which configuration you want. If you self host at home, You can also pick the hardware to match your needs (more Ram ? More Disk? RAID?).
Excellent post about the importance of self-hosting. It also rightfully points out that buying new hardware isn't necessarily ecological to save 20 wants. ( As we learned in Frugal Computing the lifespan of a server needs to beΒ  10 - 20 years to offset the energy used to manufacture the computer).Β 

More people should self-host. I'm self-hosting where it makes sense (my blog) and paying for hosting where it doesn't (Fastmail).

I have a strong opinion on the subject, hosting your own services is a fantastic way to learn new skills or perfect them, but it's also important for freedom.

Amen. (Which reminds me, I was planning on moving my server to a BSD. I should really get around to doing that).
  • @jamesvandyne Agreed, I’m coming back around to self-hosting some stuff, even if it’s not publicly web-facing. Not just for the flexibility and control it offers, but to keep my tech skills sharp over time.