The Week #34

  • I forget what I was searching for but I found this fantastic blog (in English) about trains in Japan called Tokyo Railway Labrinth. It has history of different trains and so much more. I love when I find a site where someone is just geeking out about their passion online.

  • During the week some co-workers and I were discussing burgers. This gave me a craving for an avocado cheese burger from Kua`Aina. I recounted the story of how, even though in Japan you're supposed to have a nice light Japanese meal the day before the birth of your child, my wife was craving a burger and calories, so we went to the Enoshima Kuga`Aina before Leo was born. It was delicious as always. And since we got there right after they opened, not busy.

  • I also visited the Fujiko Museum in Kawasaki over the weekend a.k.a. the Doraemon museum. I've never read the manga, but I have watched a couple of the movies (Leo's going through a mini-boom at the moment). It was pretty great, though I spent most of the time holding Leo watching this giant Rube Goldberg machine move a bunch of different balls across the room.

  • I started working on replies in Tanzawa. Introducing Turbo to add some dynamism to admin interface. It's turned into a bigger rabbit hole than expected. I imagine most rails devs are familiar with the basics of Turbo (Links) but as a Django dev, things like Turbo aren't included, so there's a bit of a learning curve for me to implement it properly. That said - it's coming along.