The Week #77

  • We took a day off of work to attend a Christmas play that Leo's school was performing. It was held at the local civic center, so it was on a stage and everything. The play itself was about Jesus and Mary and all the traditional Western Christmas "reason for the season". The older kids had speaking roles and Leo's class played the sheep. He did good and didn't appear to get nervous or anything. I think he was mostly distracted by the choir club mom's singing behind them.

    After the play, the kids sang a Christmas medley and Santa came to visit. Each kid in Leo's grade got a book, and Santa brought some new mats for when they play inside for everyone. When Leo's name was called he ran/walked as fast as he could to meet him and get his book.
  • When it was over we went out to Johnathan, an American style family restaurant as a treat. While driving there I thought how odd life is. It used to be me in the backseat, parents dressed up in the front, going to get lunch/dinner somewhere nice. But now it's my turn to be in the front. Getting old is weird like that, I suppose. Sidebar: their fried chicken sandwich and 'slaw was spot on. I could've been at a fried chicken joint in the US.
  • I switched my electricity to Octopus Energy and am finally On Supply. Excited to dog food what we're building at work. Also there's 1δΈ‡ ( $100) of credit if you sign up while we're in if you're in the Kanto area, you totally should.
  • Leo wanted to ride the monorail with all 3 of us, so we went to Enoshima. We actually went to the island this time, instead of just the beach. I was impressed as Leo walked most of the way from the monorail station to the island itself.Β  It's about a kilometer and a half apart and Leo walked about a kilo. Most impressive was him asking to be held, not because of the people, but because he grew tired.
  • Naturally we can't visit that area and not visit the Aquarium and see a dolphin show. Usually we're early and see the first show or so of the day. But this time we went in the afternoon. I wasn't expecting to see people dressed up in Dolphin suits out front protesting the show. I always felt bad watching the show, because I know their super intelligent and it doesn't seem like a fulfilling life experience. But at the same time, I wish my kid could be a kid and not have to hear about people killing dolphins as we go in and exit the place. Their go-pros recording their protest so you have look at them or look into their cameras to pass through was equally frustrating.
  • Leo and I went out to do a little bit of Christmas shopping for Mom. I told him the idea was we were going to buy a present, but we have to keep it a secret from mom. It'll be like "Leo Santa". He seemed on board and understood the concept. He picked out a PuiPui book he wanted, because "Mom likes PuiPui", which is true, you can't not like Puipui.Β  All seemed well and then as soon as we saw mom he told her what we bought. Maybe next year πŸ˜†.