The Week #29

  • President Biden was finally sworn in to office, allowing me to breath a huge sigh of relief. His first actions have been exactly what I'd hoped he'd do (rejoining the Paris climate accords and the WHO, canceling Keystone XL pipeline etc...) and reversing some of the heinous things I'd forgotten about in the avalanche of bs that came out of the prior administration. I feel like I can watch the West Wing again and have it not feel like a cynical joke.

  • Speaking of the West-Wing, I watched the the first press briefing from Jen Psaki and immediately was reminded ow C.J. Cregg from the show. Apparently I wasn't the only one and someone even wrote a column in the LA Times to please stop comparing the two (one being real, one being a fictional character).

  • Covid numbers are finally going in the right direction. Yesterday was in the 600s in Tokyo down from 2000+ a couple of a weeks ago. There is a false sense of security in these numbers though as monday is always the lull of the week and due to the surge, they've stopped doing much (all?) contact tracing.

  • I got my computer back from repair on Saturday. They replaced the battery, top case, and keyboard. It feels like a brand new machine with the new keyboard. The battery itself was manufactured in May of last year, so there shouldn't be much / any aging from it sitting in a warehouse. The only "issue", and I'm not certain it wasn't like this before, is the rubber seal around the edge of the display appears to have been damaged right where you'd usually unlatch the computer. I don't remember it feeling rough and worn down, but it's entirely likely I just didn't notice.

  • I shipped RSS feeds and web mention support in Tanzawa. This now means that Tanzawa can participate in a distributed social web - rss feeds to sending data places and webmentions for receiving comments, likes, and so forth. Tanzawa still has a long ways to go before it's ready for general consumption, but I'm making slow and steady progress.