The Week #74

  • This is really an update from last week, but I forgot to add it, so I'm putting it first week. After a bunch of small earthquakes we finally got around to anchoring our fridge to the wall so when the big one comes our fridge hopefully doesn't fall over and smash us.
  • I finished the first iteration of Tanzawa Plugins. But while it's merged, it's not quite ready for general usage, yet. Some of trickery I do to dynamically enable plugins works on the development server, but errors when run via gunicorn. I'm not sure if it's the fiddling with migrations, fiddling with INSTALLED_APPS,Β  fiddling with url routes, or a combination of all the above, but it causes internal server errors and doesn't recover until I restart the process. Such is life when you're playing with fire internals. Maybe my next plugin will be a Sentry plugin πŸ˜†.Β 
  • Plugins still aren't feature complete, though. I'd still like to be able to do things add cron jobs or have plugins schedule tasks, but that will require moving from gunicorn to uWSGI so I can keep inline with my "single process" goal. Oh, and I wrote some documentation about how to make custom plugins.
  • All of this to say my site now has a /now. It's still a rough draft of what I wrote during my lunch break, but really happy to see it live and working.
  • I've run habit and ran 3 times last week. Running 2 short runs during the week at lunch (when it's warmer outside) has made it easier to hit my goal. It takes a lot more gumption to go out and run when it's dark and 2c outside.
  • My Darn Tough warranty replacement socks came! Due to stock issues they're not the same ones I sent in, but they're close (my replacement is a full calf, instead of a half-calf). The process was smooth, no questions asked, no fiddling.
  • We were out at the park on the weekend and decided to take the train to the grandparents and pick something up. As the grandparents were on their way home from shopping right as we arrived at their station, so they offered to picked us up. And when we peered into the car we saw Leo's cousins in the car. We had no clue they were visiting (again). So naturally Leo decided he was staying at their house. Was nice to have another kid-free night ☺️.