Response to Colin Walker - Oct 29, 2021

With enough people doing the work we need not be beholden to the gatekeepers and large corporations. The web can, once again, be for the people by the people but we have to give a shit. Therein lies the problem: not enough people seem to give enough of a shit to do anything about it.
Most people don't care about the web like they don't care about how their car works. But with large influx of users on the internet, there's arguably more people who care about web than ever before, it's just a smaller percentage of over all users. And with the giants penalizing content that's not on the big platforms, it's harder to find and gets lost in the noise.

Personal websites have always required technical skills of one kind or another. It's "problem" is that while modern tooling is much more capable than that of early web 2.0, it's much more complex. While getting started in a cookiec-cutter fashion is easier than ever (Wordpress etc..), doing something that's truly your own is much more difficult. Hopefully import-maps will help us leave part of this complexity in the past. (DHH wrote a good post about this).