The Week #21

  • After 17 years Growl, the open source precursor to notification center on OS X, is going into retirement. I'm a bit sad as Growl was one of the first open source projects I ever contributed to. Chris (the project lead) and I used to meet up at the local diedrech's coffee and talk shop.

I did the initial implementation of the automatic album art downloader in GrowlTunes, where GrowlTunes would pull album art from Amazon if you didn't have album art set in iTunes. I also came up with the (I think still current?) settings interface and did a horrible Japanese translation of the app (that native speakers quickly noticed and fixed πŸ™πŸ»).

  • I reached my running goal of 40km this month despite not starting back up until about a week into the month. Assuming I keep pace, next month I should be able to run about 50km.

  • I've started playing with ripgrep / sed a bit more at work for a large(ish) refactor and inspired me to start keeping track of the handy commands I use at work with examples so I don't have to experiment / fiddle the next time a similar task comes along.