The Week #144

  • This week was farming week at work. Farming is what we call maintenance and smaller improvements (as opposed to mining, which is building out big new chunks of functionality). Before farming week, each team spends some time with our energy specialists watching them and talking with them about how they use the respective parts of our product, getting ideas for things that could be improved / farmed. Then we spend farming week finishing as many of them as possible. With the entire team working on it for a week, there is a marked improvement in the software in a short period of time.
  • We started advertising around town. I haven't seen them personally yet, but this is our ad at Ikebukuro station (a major transit hub in Tokyo). Exciting times!
    It says "Now is the time to review your power company"
  • Leo's been getting too tall for his 12" bicycle he's been borrowing from his cousin for the past couple of years. The weather was nice, so we decided to walk to the bicycle store to see if there was any 16" bicycles that he liked. Of course, the first bicycle we see is a 16" Mario Kart bike – so you know we weren't leaving the store without it. Thankfully it was his size.

    He rode it home, his first time along one of the busier roads to the big park near our house. Immediately another boy, who was on a pink (presumably) hand-me-downΒ  saw it and started to get jealous. The kid said something and Leo quipped back to him something along the lines of "well you should've bought it first". Both Yumi and I reprimanded Leo and explained why you can just say things like that. Leo has difficulty just ignoring what kids say.

    The boy kept riding fast andΒ  cutting it really close barely missing Leo a number of times. When the kid decided to kamikaze directly towards all 3 of us is when we decided it was time to leave. I might buy some AirTags and put one inside the frame, just in case it grows legs.
  • I watched the new Tetris movie from Apple and really enjoyed it. It reminded me how much I used to play Tetris on my NES when I was younger. It's such a good game.
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away. He was a fantastic musician, leader of techno-pop, and formed the group Yellow Magic Orchestra. I've listened to this version of Rydeen at the Greek Theater from 1979 more times than I can count.
  • Last but not least, the former president got indicted.Β  Freakin' finally.
  • @jamesvandyne The chaotic part of me can't help but laugh at the "well you should've bought it first", but I can understand how that would be frustrating to hear as a parent πŸ˜… best wishes that nothing happens to the new bike