The Week #32

  • Last week I had forgotten an interesting tidbit about my self-introduction presentation at work. During my presentation I introduced some of the apps I'd built for the Mac – ImageXY and Jisho. ImageXY was popular in Japan for its first couple of years and one of my co-workers actually used to use it all the time! First time I’ve met a random user of ImageXY!

  • The covid vaccine was finally approved in Japan and they're starting to vaccinate doctors and nurses this week. Still no idea when I'll be able to get my prick, but I imagine it will be sometime this summer. Speaking of getting the shot, I found out my grandma got her second covid vaccine shot last Wednesday. Woohoo!

  • I had my annual health check this week. As nobody is going in to the office, we are free to do our health check anywhere. I went to a a clinic In Minatomirai, as it was the closest to my house. The clinic itself was the top two floors of a high rise. We carried a little rfid card at each station and see a nurse/tech for the test, and finally a doctor briefly at the end to cover the results. Hope I can use this place next year too.

  • There was a large earthquake off the cost of Fukushima. It was about a 4 where I live in Yokohama, certainly the strongest and longest quake I've felt in a while. It reminded me of 3/11 in someways as just when you think it was going to stop it just kept getting stronger. I was fast asleep when it started, but you can see my heart rate from my Apple Watch about when it hit.

  • This week Leo turned 3. He has his official "chocolate debut" as he picked out a chocolate cake decorated like a panda. He must not have been impressed with the hype around chocolate as he only ate 2 bites.

  • I watched this good documentary called Winter in Stockholm. I hadn't realized how much I miss watching documentaries like these randomly on TV.