The Week #39

  • Another big week in the Van Dyne household. After 3 years (mostly by-choice) my wife is re-joining the workforce. The timing is mostly because Leo will be starting pre-school next week, so he'll be out of the house most days for the majority of the day. Japan has some different laws surrounding healthcare/social security/being able to be declared as a dependent for tax purpose requirements, where if you work more than x hours or earn more than y per year you can no longer be included on your spouses healthcare/social security, so she's staying within those bounds for now. Either way, exciting.

  • I watched The Trial of the Chicago 7 about anti-Vietnam war protestors charged with the intention to start riots at the 1968 DNC convention in Chicago. I've never seen Sacha Baron Cohen in a serious role before, usually he's Borat or Ali G for me. I didn't realize until the end it was an Aaron Sorkin movie – it's no wonder I liked it.

  • This year marks 100 years of public transit in Yokohama and the city has build a webpage celebrating those 100 years. It even looks like the next station down has some limited edition paper tickets "Dancing Cat" tickets. Fun!

  • I got a haircut and talking with my barber about the vaccine and she said she's hesitant to get it. I asked why and she mentioned Bill Gates funding the research, alluding to an ulterior motive. I wasn't quite sure how to handle it exactly, but tried to talk about his vaccine work before covid. She said "do you think this might be one of those rumors?", "Yes, absolutely.". I also told her about my dad and brother's experience getting the vaccine (uneventful, because it's safe and not filled with 5G ads for Windows).