The Week #168

  • 🌴 We had a 3 day weekend this week, with Monday being respect for the elderly day. We took full advantage of it doing small outings each day.
  • 🚦 Saturday we took the car down to terrace mall in Tsujido. Usually when we go there by car we take back streets. It probably takes a bit longer than the more direct Route-1, but we're not in a rush and I'd rather drive roads I'm used to.

    This time I decided to try Route-1 as "it's faster"...and...never again. There was an accident on along the way which backed up traffic quite a bit. It took us about 90 minutes to get there...which is ridiculous as it's only 12km. I could've run it faster...Even the traffic-free timing of 30 minutes feels like a bit much...alas, driving in Japan isn't always (usually?) time efficient.
  • πŸ› The main reason we went to the mall was so that Leo could go to to BΓΈrneLund and burn some energy. I could have sworn this company was from Denmark that general area...but in researching it now, turns out they're Japanese. TIL. Anywho, bouncing together is always a blast.
  • βœ‚οΈ On Sunday we mostly stayed around the house, except when we took Sophie to get a hair cut. After Sophie gets a haircut, the groomer always takes a seasonal photo. This time it's halloween and Sophie is Kiki, from Kiki's delivery service!
    Sophie dressed up as Kiki after a haircut
  • 🌳 We went to Yamato Yutori no Mori...which despite it's name is not a forest (mori == forest). It's a large park next to a Japanese self-defense force base with a couple of large playscapes and those white bouncy hills like they have in Chigasaki.

    We brought our pop-up tent, some sandwiches for lunch, and a cooler full of ice and sports drink. Some people in the family thought the 3 bottles in the fridge would be enough, but with the humidity, my Spidey-sense was going off about that not being I bought a couple liter and a couple kg of ice...which turned into ice water to wet towels that we could put around our necks (Texas coolers is what we called them growing up...I'm sure everyone has a different name for them).

    As the park is next to an airbase, we got to see a bunch of different airplanes take off, including an Osprey, which was really cool. I've never seen one of them outside of videos online or on the news. And turns out there's only 2 in Japan!
    Half of the Japanese Osprey fleet r taking off

    Some military aircraft going somewhere

    In the end, we stayed from 9:30am until 1pm and it was 33 degrees the entire time...
  • πŸ₯΅ Speaking of it being 33 degrees - it's been over 30 degrees for the past 3 months.Β  I'm completely over it. It looks like we might start getting some relief in one more week where the high will be 27...which is pretty damn close to our regular low.