The Week #53

  • This week I’m mostly writing in a retrospective, rather than bit-by-bit throughout the week. It’s proving harder than I had anticipated.
  • Blake shared a link to fireworks adverts from a Japanese company in the 1880’s in the US.Β  I love the colors so much. Ads of this period are always interesting. Humans haven’t changed as much as we’d like to think.
  • Leo got sick for the first time in as long as I can remember. It just a cough, but we decided to pull him from pre-school for a day so he could visit the doctor and not spread it to other kids. His cough woke up him a couple of times at night, which in turn woke me up, so I'll need a bit more coffee to power through the day.
  • We went to Afternoon Tea in Fujisawa for the first time in ages with Leo for tea (well, I always get coffee/iced coffee). I was totally surprised how well Leo did. He managed to wait patiently for 20 minutes (!) while we waited for a table. He also waited patiently for our scones to come. Achievement unlocked?!
  • I built a little robot out of paper-straws with Leo (well, really he just watched). It was from a little kit made for elementary school students. His name is aru-kun after the Japanese for walk "aruku".