Bookmark of The Electric Shuffle

I can make some of my own electricity at home, but I can’t make my own gas. My point here is there are ways ordinary people can switch to healthier non gas cooking at a reasonable price point without engaging in institutional drama or politics.
As much as I hate my gas-stove for all of the reasons listed in the article and want to replace it – $3,000 or so (including upgrading electric in the kitchen) is a bit much right now. However, they make a good point about using smaller appliances to fill the gap. One could even use portal batteries / solar arrays to charge and cook off of them entirely off grid. Clever.

I reckon I could replace the majority of my gas range usage with a little portable 1 or 2 burner IH cooktop. When combined with my slow-cooker I bet we wouldn't even need to use the gas range at all...a $75 - $150 fix instead of a $3,000 fix to reduce carbon emissions and improve indoor air quality. Seems reasonable to me. They even make some with legs so they could fit in place of / over your gas range.