The Week #23

  • In addition to reading and writing notes about Atomic Habits, I've also started to re-read some books that inspired me in the past and write notes so I can reference them later. This week is the fantastic book Web Form Design ( my notes ). Do you really need a book about such a mundane topic? When you consider that forms are the bottleneck for all online interactions, yes.

  • I managed to run 5km 3 times last week using Habit Stacking. The habit is basically as follows "After a cup of coffee at 5:30am I will run for 30 minutes". Since I'm not fast enough for a 30 minute 5km yet, it usually works out to 30 ~ 35 minutes.

  • Stacking my running habit around coffee is what seems to work for me. When I first started running (and managed to sustain the habit for 5 or 6 months) in 2018, it was also similar. Except Leo was an infant and I couldn't make coffee at 4:30am without fear of waking him. Since it was summer and the sun rises around then in Japan, I'd go for a run with my endpoint being one of the local 7-11's, where I could get an ice coffee and walk home.

  • I tried the Plant Balls on a trip to ikea, and they're proper tasty. Technically I got the meatballs and my wife got the plant balls and we shared one, but I think they're my new default.

  • I bought my first proper bookshelf and it's in the minimal style of bookshelf I've always wanted (photo in my tweet). I wish I had the space so I could chain multiple shelves together for a wall of books. Like most of the rest of the furniture in my house, it's from Muji. And it's properly screwed into the walls because this is Japan.