The Week #66

  • This week was my first week at Octopus (well technically, Kraken Technologies). I think it went well. Co-workers are nice, too. I added a small new feature that got merged and released into production. As I've started wrapping my head around the code base, I've also been able to do code reviews and leave helpful feedback.Β 

    The only issue that I have is that since it's all new and I'm jazzed about problem we're trying to solve is it's hard for me to "turn off" after work sometimes. I'm sure that'll solve itself after I get used to it all.

    One thing that's impressed me is the extent to which the conventions are documented/ referred to/enforced. Without having them written down (in this case in a series of markdown documents in a git repo) and enforced via linting, it would be much harder to build a code base at such a pace (~50 deploys a day) in a consistent and maintainable manner.

    It's only been a week, but I know I made the right decision to join Octopus.
  • As I mentioned last week, Leo started back at school. With my current scheduling wanting a few hours of overlap with the UK, I switched from pickup duties to drop-off duties a few days a week. The first two times Leo had a meltdown and cried and was clingy. The last time (on Friday), I think Leo was just tired and mostly went off to school without a big scene.
  • There was a large earthquake Thursday night. It was was a 6.1. It shook our house pretty well. Nothing fell over...except some of Leo's legos. We (Yumi) did finally get some things to secure the fridge to the wall.
  • We made two trips to the beach. Saturday's visit was completely unplanned. While doing our monthly "loop" around Yokohama/Fujisawa on the Subway / JR / Shonan Monorail / Enoden / Odakyu line, we arrived at Enoshima before anything opened. When I started walking to Enoshima island itself. Midway down I look over and saw a guy walking (I can only assume) his pet monkey! Was about the size of Leo. As we got closer to the water Leo asked if I bought his blue water shoes (I didn't). He promised not to cry when his feet get dirty so we went and played just the two of us for 45 minutes. He did great.

    The next day after being really good while we listened a solar panel sales pitch, he asked politely, like he knew it was a big ask, if all 3 of us could go to the beach. So we went to a different beach (on the other side of Enoshima)! Taking the car to the beach makes it easier to carry everything, but it's not much, if any faster than the trains. I think this is the first time we've all gone to the beach and all gotten in the water to some degree.

    I finally broke down and bought a 3-person tent so we can have some good shade for the next time.