The Week #36

  • Sophie turned 9 years old – she's old enough now that she has to take medicine twice a day. Rather than making her a little doggie cake, kept up the tradition of singing happy birthday before giving her a bit of chicken and carrots. She always looks at as funny whenever we sing to her.

  • I shipped locations in Tanzawa this week and started a new weekly round up style post on the development blog. Once I add support for checkins (backfed from Swarm) I've got the minimum viable blog for me to switch over full-time. Already I find myself wanting to author posts with Tanzawa instead of Wordpress.

  • As for the migration – I've got two basic paths forward. 1) Turning my current site into a static site and use nginx to redirecting existing urls to the static site. 2) Parse the Wordpress XML file and import it into Tanzawa. Option 1 will "buy me time" to get the Wordpress import flow working. 2 is probably at least a week long project like locations were. I'll have to blog about possible workflows on the Tanzawa blog while I stew on the path forward.

  • Jacob linked me to this new creator on youtube: Beau Miles. Specifically this great film of his called The Commute: Walking 90km to Work. It's refreshing to see someone talk about just how much cars remove us from our environment. The description about the video says more than I ever could.

Setting off with no food, water or shelter, I walked 90km to work a bunch of years ago to see if a stripped back adventure could give me the kind of buzz that far away, exotic, heavily planned expeditions have given me over the years. It did. Different, but familiar feelings of challenge and insight came through. When I was asked to give a lecture about adventuring at a new building at my university, I said β€˜no worries, why don’t I walk to work and deliver the lecture as soon as I get there’? So I walked to work, again.

Go watch it. Now.Then follow up with his The Human Bean: 40 days on a tin-bean diet.