The Week #100

  • I made it to 100 consecutive weeks "The Week"! The last ~5 weeks or so, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it 100 weeks in a row, but I have. I've done a bit more thinking since last week, and I think I'll continue doing these roundups for a while longer / foreseeable future.
  • I'm back in Japan and it's good to be home. London is great, I wouldn't mind living there for a year or two someday. But your own bed in your own home? Nothing beats it. I will, however, miss the easy access to shawarma and falafel.

    I'll also miss working with the rest of the team in London. We'll still be working together, remotely of course, but it's a good group of people. Getting work done is the main reason for the trip, but building these team relationships in person are another, just as important reason, for having trips like these.

    Expect a London roundup post later this week as a cap-off to the London trip.
  • I meant to include this last week, but forgot. Last week saw the launch of a new tube line, the Elizabeth line, in London. As that doesn't happen everyday, I started searching around and I found this great YouTuber, Geoff Marshall, who makes great videos about all things trains in the U.K. Very good channel and if you like public transport, I highly recommend it.

    I was planning to take the Elizabeth line to Heathrow, but I found out that it's not running on Sundays yet.Β 
  • After taking Tanzawa trips through the paces these past 2-weeks, I think I'm quite happy with how it worked out. The main pain-point is that when I checkin with Swarm, I use swarm to also post to Twitter. However, that tweet url isn't associated with the post automatically, so I have to manually lookup the tweet url, add it to syndication urls, and then tell to "discover" posts.

    For a single checkin every now and again, it's a fine workflow. But for an actual trip, it's a hassle. First, I need to build in some native syndication into Tanzawa (not just to Twitter, but wherever).Β  Once that's finished, then I can set my checkins to automatically syndicate to Twitter and post my backfed Swarm checkins to Twitter via my blog.

    Third, I think I want to add push notifications to LINE or Telegram when I get webmentions on my blog, so I can tell when the checkin has been backfed or if I get comments via etc..