The Week #22

  • Japan OKed free Covid-19 vaccinations for residents. The goal is June 2021 for everyone to get vaccinated - just in time for the Olympics :) Unfortunately in the mean time, numbers continue to rise, though it appears that they're starting to level off a bit.

  • As I'm the head of the block this year in my neighborhood, I have some extra duties, like attending a monthly neighborhood association meeting and disseminating information to my block. Each month a portion of the heads have a neighborhood patrol duty. We walk our block with official day-glow green neighborhood watch vests, a lantern, a mini-light saber (used by all the traffic guys), and two long pieces of wood.

The guy in front slaps to wood together twice and we repeat an announcement in unison. This time it was "็ฉบใใ™ใฎ็”จๅฟƒใ€็ซใฎ็”จๅฟƒ", or "Take precautions against burglars. Take precautions against fire". It seems appropriate for this time of year. The patrol took about 20 minutes, helped me close my rings for the day, and I got to see parts of the neighborhood I'd never been.

  • I finished reading The Little Prince. It's one of those books that's a classic and everyone says you should read. I quite enjoyed it. It's the first book I finished reading cover-to-cover in ages (I tend get what I need from books about mid-way through and move on). Perhaps that it was less than 100 pages made it easier to finish.

  • I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I'm compiling my notes on my wiki. The first few chapters remind me a lot of The Power of Habit (and he says as much in footnotes) - but it has some ideas that I really like. So far my favorite is " Each action is a vote for the type of person you want to become".