The Week #13

  • A few months ago when we took Sophie to the vet, one of her numbers was really high – usual is 200 - 230 and she was scoring 1700. Since then she's been taking medicine twice a day and eating a new food. We took her to the vet for another checkup and she was down to just slightly elevated levels!

  • I voted in the 2020 election. Or at least sent my ballot. I really hope they don't find some reason to invalidate it.

  • The St. Marc Cafe near our house lost to covid at the end of last month and went out of business. It's a chain, so I can always get their chocolate croissants at another location, but our St. Marc Cafe was in a newly remodeled in a family restaurant building, so it was more spacious than a regular cafe.

  • We had our a neighborhood association meeting for the first time in 3 months. I had to attend as I'm head of the block this year. They take proper precautions so it can be safe (check temperatures at the door, open windows, masks required, staggered meetings to reduce people in the building). I always forget how mentally taxing concentrating on listening to Japanese for an hour.

  • I've been trying to build my RSS habit again using NetNewsWire. I've been using it on iOS for months, but not so much on my Mac. The main stumbling block in syncing and habit building. Syncing only works (as of this writing) via Feedly and Feedbin, both paid services with a bunch of extras. Looking closer, Feedly does seem to have a free account for up to 100 sources, which is more than enough for me. The next hurdle will be remembering to open the app, instead of Firefox.