The Week #76

  • For a while it's felt like we don't have enough hands at the house to both do the daily routine and do cleaning beyond the basics. There's always something that needs to be done (dishes, laundry, dog walking, teeth brushing...) and we're basically just treading water, or so it feels like.

    We've made an effort to automate where we can already. We installed a (tiny) dishwasher when we bought our house a few years back. We use the dryer built into our washing machine for ~half of the loads of laundry (the rest hang outside, as you do). They help a lot. But the one thing we haven't done is automate our vacuuming. I've probably ranted on this blog about our vacuum before, it sucks (πŸ₯)1.

    We bought a Roomba i3+, named Wall-E, to see he can help us remove one task most of the time.Β  I'll still need to move him about sometimes (stairs), but we should be ok without vacuuming nearly as often. At least in theory.
  • Last week I said I'd try to get Leo to double or triple his time pedaling while riding his bike from 0.5 seconds. I vastly underestimated him as he can ride his bike! I'm amazed. He was so proud of himself he had to tell all the parents in his vicinity. Now the big kids rode bikes like him.

    Splitting learning a bike into two stages: learning balance, then learning pedaling is a much quicker way to learn to ride a bike.
  • We had a Christmas social at work. It was the first time to us (or at least me) to go out as an entire group and it was great fun. It was good to get to know my co-workers better and share some laughs.
  • I'm not usually a huge fan of listicles, but Jacob shared this 52 things I learned in 2021 list and there's a couple of gems. The most mind-blowing for me was:

    "Until 1873, Japanese hours varied by season. There were six hours between sunrise and sunset, so a daylight hour in summer was 1/3rd longer than an hour in winter. [Sara J. Schechner]"

    Completely 🀯.