The Week #115

  • On Sunday I went for my first ride in about a week. This was an easy paced 20km, just exploring a bit. On the cycle routes it's so easy to get into the zone – just you and the machine, cranking faster and faster's you've reached your exit and it's time to slow down.
  • The same day, Leo also decided he wanted to go to Baba's house – back on (a different) bike and cranked out another 15km round-trip. Which is to say, my legs are a bit tired on Monday. Not sore, just tired.
  • Speaking of being tired, Leo's starting to speak a lot more English to me. The first words he says to his mom, who is expecting Japanese first thing, are "I'm Tired". Focusing these past few months speaking as much English as possible seems to be paying off. Or maybe it's the Netflix Teen Taitan's Go! subscription (so, so good).
  • I found this fantastic series on Arte called When Bread Becomes Art. It documents different bakers in different parts of Europe. My favorite episode so far The Power of Fermentation, mostly because of this scene where they're in Denmark where he's teaching a sourdough baking class at this marina and :chef-kiss:, it just seemed so nice. It reminded me of our visit to Gustavsberg (though that's Sweden, not Denmark). Nice cool summer weather, ocean near by, sourdough bread – sign me up.
  • It looks like Japan is finally going to open its borders back up to vaccinated / negative PCR travelers and reinstateΒ  visa waivers. After over 2.5 years of being closed it will be nice – maybe my parents or siblings can visit? I'd love to visit the US, but with flights being about $4,000 round-trip per person, Β₯144/USD exchange rate, and all the other costs, it's not happening. Hopefully opening the borders will increase the availability of flights and reduce the prices to realistic levels.
  • We did this fun thing at work during summer where we'd try to get customers to reduce electricity usage during peak demand hours and in exchange they could win some prizes (as an employee, no prizes for me πŸ˜€). Since it ended the team made a nice summary page where you can see how much electric you saved and how that translates into CO2 / Trees. I managed to save 3.5kWh or about 2kg of CO2, which is about the same amount of CO2 as 13.5 trees would absorb in a month. Yes, we need systemic change, but it's neat to see the impact you can make by turning up the AC a degree here or there.