The Week #64

  • Today marks my 36th birthday. Happy birthday to me! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰
  • This week was a summer vacation-like week - busy with lots of activity and going places. It's starting to feel a bit safer to do so because covid numbers are down to less than 200 / day from over 2,600 / day a month ago in Kanagawa and as Japan has surpassed the United States in vaccinations, something I did not see happening given the US' 3 + month advantage starting.
  • Tuesday, Leo and I went to Enoshima and visited the Aquarium. He's got a yearly pass and I renewed mine. As soon as we arrived he b-lined to the dolphin show and waited patiently for 30 minutes for the first show. Afterwards he looked at the sharks and tried to leave.

    I thought he was mistaken, leaving so soon, so I took him upstairs to the cafe area. I ordered some nuggets and chips (crisps) as they didn't have any fries (chips). Leo had a complete meltdown, despite telling him while we were waiting in line that they didn't have any fries.

    I managed to calm him down somehow and we went to the beach and played in the waves for a few before going to Kua'aina to split a burger and fries.
  • Wednesday, we cycled over to the grandparent's house and back. My battery was low when we left, but I managed to make it back with 5% remaining. I learned that below 20% and it starts to display the drop in real time. So rather than going from 30% -> 20%, it shows you 20% -> 19% -> 18% etc...
  • Thursday, a friend came over for lunch and a chat. This was the first time I've met any friend since the lull between the first and second wave in August 2020 and I haven't seen this friend since January 2020. It was really nice to chat. After we chatted for a while we took Leo to the park and to my surprise he walked the entire way there. If it was just me he'd be wanting to get on my shoulders or some such. I was amazed.
  • Friday was spent in downtown Yokohama in Minatomirai. Leo and I rode the new urban ropeway. It makes the trek from World Porters much easier, but it's too expensive (Β₯1,000 for adults, Β₯500 for kids). It's priced like a tourist attraction rather than public transit. The staff must have thought Leo wasn't quite 3 yet, as they didn't charge me for him despite me saying 1 adult, 1 kid.

    We stayed the night at Yokohama Royal Park Hotel towards the top-half of of Landmark tower. Here's a time-lapse from our room. Leo does so well traveling. I look forward to when he's a bit bigger and we can go out on longer trips.

  • Saturday morning I went for a run along the bay, marking 3 times running this week. It was mostly flat, which was nice, but the views were totally worth it. I think it may be a good thing to do while traveling to better know an area.
    Minatomirai 5:42am
  • After that we went to the Nogeyama Zoo, a small / free (donations encouraged) zoo. They have all a lion, various monkeys, giraffes, zebras, flamingos, and more. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the tiger or the kangaroos as the the tiger moved to the Ueno Zoo and the kangaroo area was under construction.