The Week #11

  • I saw a great editorial about the Treatment of Foreigners in Japan. As a foreigner in Japan I am sympathetic to my fellow peers that have to deal with short max duration of the technical intern training program. At the best it's just long enough to get people acclimated to call Japan home before sending them home and at worst it's rife with long hours, bullying, and illegal dealings.

Foreigners must be treated as fellow members of society, not just as workers. The need for such a policy is greater than ever, now that further gaps in income and education are expected amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • It's been a year since we moved in to our new house in Yokohama. It was a big leap, committing to buying a house and moving to a neighborhood that we'd never lived in or even gotten off at the station (there's no reason, unless you live there). And not a day goes by that I don't think it wasn't the right decision.

  • I've enabled Downtime and Bedtime on iOS this past week to curb my usage my iPhone - and it seems to be working is getting me to use my phone less. I really like that I can check the time in the middle of the night and not see any notification banners. WatchOS 7 keeping my watch's display off while I'm asleep is also a small feature, but a huge improvement in sleeping with a watch on.

  • In addition I've also moved the majority of the apps on my phone into the "App Library" since upgrading to iOS 14. In the process I discovered when I'm bored I unlock my phone and swipe through my apps. That doesn't work so well when there's only a single (half) full page.

  • Shout out to Jamie who linked to The Week #10. It's always nice to know that someone read and responded to something I've written and I learned a bit about the UK license system. Jamie is also a member of the Indieweb ring

  • I've seen a few people mention Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ around and decided to give it a watch. I'm totally hooked. Ted Lasso's optimism is exactly what the doctor ordered.