The Week #3

  • With a couple of public holidays lined up, we had a 4-day weekend. While the covid numbers aren't spiking in Kanagawa too much, it still doesn't feel safe to go out and about We mostly kept close to home.

  • I got a haircut for the first time since just before covid started. Everyone wore masks (as you'd expect, this is Japan after all), not much talking (woo!), and a shave to boot. Even in normal times I don't like going to the barber, but I'm always happy I went and wonder why I don't go more often right after I finish. Humans are funny.

  • I just found out about Svelte this past week. It’s been a revelation for building reactive apps. Moving reactivity from runtime to compile time is so smart. Rich’s talk Rethinking Reactivity is really worth a watch if you do any frontend development.

  • To learn Svelte, I’ve started to build a small app with it that I’ve been wanting for a while: A photo blogging client using IndieAuth/Micropub. So far I got the basic layout (using Tailwind.css) and the IndieAuth workflow setup. Once it’s ready y’all be the first to know.