The Week #38

  • Exciting times in the Van Dyne household! The potty has suddenly clicked for Leo. We haven't been nearly as strict with Leo as some of our friends have been when it comes to potty training. We've taken the approach that "everybody eventually doesn't like wet diapers and grows out of it". Instead we've just been trying to make it a routine before the bath to give it a try. If he does, great and if he doesn't that's fine, we'll try again tomorrow.
  • I had Leo by myself all day Saturday and I didn't change a diaper – at all. Not because he didn't pee, but because I asked him every 3 hours if he had to go, we'd try and he'd sit and do his thing. On Sunday we thought he was just doing his thing on the loo and he did his first #2 by himself. The end of diapers is quickly approaching!
  • Part of having Leo all day Saturday meant we go out and ride the train. Leo wanted to ride the monorail. The monorail ends at Enoshima, so we can ride a bunch of trains and loop back to our house. Usually we walk down to the beach, maybe get a burger atKua`Aina then loop back.

    However, a couple of weeks ago Leo went to the aquarium in Enoshima and it was likely going to be packed being it's a weekend and spring break. Even without the pandemic I'd avoid it. So we took the Enoden to Kamakura. I figured it was also going to be packed, but it was early enough we could avoid the crowds. We walked towards Tsurugaoka-hachimangu as there's a Tully's and I needed a break. But to my surprise it had disappeared!

    We looked at the Sakura and koi for a couple of minutes and headed home. On the way back we saw the Narita Express, one of Leo's favorite trains. He also melted down as he wanted to ride it, but it wasn't at a platform for us to ride. If it was I would have paid the extra fare so we could take it a couple of stations home.
  • I linked to What is the Small Web on the Tanzawa blog, but felt it's worth calling it out on The Week, too. It's made by Small Tech (also worth a click).
  • Β Small Technology are everyday tools for everyday people designed to increase human welfare, not corporate profits.
Β  Β  Β  Small Tech is exactly the banner to get behind.