Response to Hello, IndieWeb!

For me the best thing about the IndieWeb is discovering people that are using their website as an extension of their personality and not just sharing words on a generic online profile that depends on the decisions of corporate people.
Hey AndrΓ©s, thanks for the shout out and welcome to the IndieWeb! Love how your site looks!

I think there may be an issue with the microformatting of your u-author block. It seems to lack a p-name property, so when your webmentions come from nobody (or "Unknown") instead of "AndrΓ©s CΓ‘rdenas". You can see an example of what I'm talking about on the page you linked to if you click on "Interactions" to show webmentions.
  • Thanks for the welcome, James. And specially for taking the time to point out fixes, really appreciated! I\'m still trying to figure some things out, but will work on it.