The Week #150

  • This is the first "The Week" on my new M2 Macbook Air. It's pretty great! The Japanese keyboard is still frustrating sometimes, like all of the keys have moved to the left one position, but I've almost retrained myself. PyCharm launches instantly. The battery lasts forever. The resolution is markedly improved from my retina before display before it. I'm still working on getting Tanzawa up and running locally on it – gdal library paths aren't cooperating.
  • I've been thinking about importing my Tweet archive into my website and what I want that look like. I think it will probably be a separate section of my website, rather than just integrated into my Status posts.

    When migrating data, I realized that my Downloads folder wasn't backed up / migrated over (and thus my Twitter archive).Β  Logging into Twitter for the first time since November so I could re-request/download my archive and...well there's no need to beat a downed horse, but there's not much there for me any longer. I might delete my account after I archive my tweets on my site, just because why bother?
  • The Kettlebell I ordered a few weeks back came in and it's a lot of fun to swing. I got a 16kg bell, which is the recommended starter weight for males. Swings aren't a problem, but anything with one arm and it's a bit heavy. It will take me a little while to build the core/upper body strength to be able to do exercises like Turkish getsup.
  • On Saturday morning I heard heaps of fire trucks...and then I smelled smoke. Upon going outside to investigate with Leo (still in his pajamas) we saw a large black cloud coming from a house a couple blocks away. Ash started raining down as we were walking back to our house. Thankfully the fire departmentΒ  got the fire under control quickly.