The Week #31

  • As I've been public blogging about πŸ”Tanzawa I've had more people emailing me, responding to my posts, or DMing me directly about it than any past project. One of the things I still have difficulty talking about succinctly is the IndieWeb, Tanzawa, and how it all fits together. I think I may be getting better at it though.

This week I was explaining the building blocks of the IndieWeb to my internet buddy Frey. My explanation seemed to click as he's added rss to his blog and joined!

  • Each month at BeProud there's a monthly meet-up where employees give presentations and afterwards there's sushi, beer, and chitchatting. It's great fun. When you first join the company, it's tradition for you give a 10-minute self-introduction presentation. The meetup still happens with covid, but remotely over zoom.

    As we've grown we realized that newer employees don't have an opportunity to learn about the longer-tenured employees without asking them directly, which is difficult. This week it was my turn to re-introduce myself to the company. This time I was able to speak for 10 minutes in front of half the company without much effort or really thinking too much. Much different than my first time almost 4 years ago.

  • I discovered you can use VideoLan to play videos off YouTube. You could probably use this to download videos, but I'm not doing that. I'm just enjoying being able to have a native app play music without all of the bloat and trackers running in the background.

  • Kai wrote a post with some tips and tricks in the terminal (Japanese). Improving my fluency in the shell is one of my goals for this year. This week I'm going to try and use some of these.

  • Leo's started to recognize when he's wet his diaper and tells us about it. I think this means the days of changing diapers will be coming to an end soon. πŸ™ŒπŸ»