You don’t need more knowledge

You don’t need more knowledge

Read these 5 books. Take this online course. Subscribe to those newsletters. Watch these videos. Sign Up for this webinar.

Everywhere you look people are trying to throw knowledge at you as the silver bullet to solve all your problems. They tell you that you can’t succeed without their five step process for only three easy payments of $29.95. They tell you that the reason you didn’t succeeded before was that you didn’t know their methods; you need to build an audience, pick a niche, hire a designer, make a viral video, code it in ruby, create landing pages, create a hashtag. All of which you can learn from them.

The thing is: you don’t need more knowledge. You already know enough to start today.

Before starting we think we must be able to answer every issue that could possible occur, lest someone on the Internet think we’re stupid.

We watch inspirational videos. We drive to that coffee shop that plays just the right music. We research tools to to handle customer support before we have any customers. Anything that tricks us into feeling progress without actually making any progress.

You don’t need to read another book, you don’t need to take a course, you don’t need to watch more videos…you just need to start and work hard.

The thing standing between you and your goal isn’t knowledge, it’s work