A short list of things cooler than Clubhouse

Inspired by Seth's Chasing the cool kids, I've made a short list of things that are cooler than Clubhouse.

  • Not caring what the "cool" kids are doing and doing your own thing.

  • Building and learning about the systems that make the world go around.

  • Not uploading your entire contact list to some random company so you can eavesdrop on the "cool" kids.

  • Fighting for an open web so that you and future generations can access the world without gatekeepers.

  • Owning your content.

The urgent advice usually ends with β€œblogs are dead"

If you always have to mention that "blogs are dead", perhaps they aren't actually dead. They never were dead. They're just not "cool" anymore. The people who made blogging cool and fun? They're mostly still blogging.

Publish. Consistently. With patience. Own your assets. Don’t let a middleman be your landlord. Yell at Google for blocking your emails and hope it’ll work eventually. Continually push for RSS and an open web. With patience.